Pocket Zapper (30Khz)


This effective and cheap zapper can be easily taken anywhere in everyday life.

In stock, shipped within 24 hours.


The pocket zapper according to HULDA CLARK

The unique circuit design allows you to connect the zapper directly to a 9V battery. No wire, no fragile battery, or looking for a screwdriver to open complicated plastic housings.

This device comes with a convenient ON/OFF switch, so there is no twisting or pulling of the device’s battery cable to turn it off. Simply snap the unit onto the top of a 9V battery, connect the flexible leads to the copper handles (INCLUDED) or ECG/ECG electrodes (not included), turn the switch on and start zapping. A light indicates that the Zapper is on. When you are finished, simply turn the unit off. You can leave the Zapper connected to the battery indefinitely because it is not powered when it is turned off.

Your device comes with SCP short-circuit protection and RPP reverse polarity protection, preventing unintentional damage to the device.

This battery-operated Dr Clark zapper meets Dr Hulda Clark’s current specifications: 30KHz square wave output, positive DC offset, 50% duty cycle that sends all odd multiple harmonics.

Namely, it can be useful to use + (red wire) and – (black wire) polarities during a zapping session. The red wire is the wire that comes out of the small box near the small orange circle and is used to alleviate some pain.

Included in the package :

  • A Hulda Clark Zapper, consisting of high quality SMD parts mounted on a PCB, with ON/OFF switch, LED indicator, RPP reverse polarity protection, SCP output Short circuit protection included
  • 2 flexible wires of 45cm and crocodile clips attached (different colours)
  • 2 copper handles (1.25cm diameter x 7.5cm length)


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