Hawthorn mother tincture


Organic hawthorn regulates blood pressure, strengthens the cardiac system and induces relaxation and soothing.

Balances heart activity
Regulates blood pressure
Induces sleep and appeasement

Directions for use : For adults 5 to 10 drops, 3 times a day, in a big glass of water.

For the children 2 to 5 drops, 1 to 2 times per day, in a fruit juice.

Packaging : 60 ml bottle with dropper.

Do you have sleeping problems? Do you suffer from anxiety attacks? Do you suffer from blood pressure imbalance? You have an anxiety which triggers you nervous palpitations? The Hawthorn mother tincture can be a good natural treatment that will help you to de-stress, to lower your hypertension and to strengthen your heart system.

Hawthorn mother tincture

A macerate containing water, glycerin, alcohol and young hawthorn shoots which is a plant very well known in gemmotherapy for its numerous beneficial effects on blood pressure, on the cardiac system and on health in general.

Benefits of the Hawthorn mother tincture

The Hawthorn mother tincture is a natural composition based on a very beneficial plant for health.

  • Relieves nervous palpitations and contributes to the prevention and treatment of heart failure.
  • A calming remedy that induces relaxation and helps combat panic, stress and anxiety.
  • A natural treatment that induces peaceful sleep and helps to overcome insomnia.
  • Helps lower high blood pressure, reduces blood cholesterol levels, prevents cardiovascular disease and improves the circulatory system.
  • Soothes angina and contributes to the prevention and treatment of pulmonary diseases such as asthma and sclerosis.
  • Improves the activity of the endocrine system, stimulates and balances the female hormonal production especially during menopause.

How to use the Hawthorn mother tincture ?

For adults, dilute 5 to 10 drops of this macerate in a glass of water and take the preparation 3 times a day for 21 days. For children, this treatment is natural is diluted and can be taken in half a dose in a fruit juice.


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