Bearberry (Bearberry or Uva Ursi) – Dr. Clark’s Kidney Cure


100 capsules of 500 mg each

Composition: Uva Ursi gelatin (coating agent), Bearberry grape

Uva Ursi contains mainly arbutin, but also tannins, flavonglycosides and organic acids. The effect of bearberry on the bladder and urinary tract has been known for a long time.

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Uva Ursi (bearberry) is a key component of Dr. Clark’s kidney program in the cure.

To prevent and get rid of urinary tract infections, we sometimes have to use pharmaceutical products to eliminate and kill bad bacteria. And Bearberry is one of the best natural antiseptics that has been used since the dawn of time to protect and disinfect the urinary system.

Properties of Bearberry (bearberry)

Also known as bearberry, bearberry is rich in antiseptic, diuretic and astringent active ingredients with the ability to protect and repair abnormalities of the urinary system.

  • It has the ability to treat acute urinary tract infections such as cystitis and urethritis.
  • Relieves urinary tract infections and calms pain during urination.
  • Can be used for bladder protection and treatment of kidney stones.

Other uses of bearberry

In addition to its beneficial effect on the kidneys, the urinary system in general and its ability to treat infections in a natural way, bearberry can also be used to treat other abnormalities in our body.

  • It regulates the production of melanin, which allows it to alleviate possible brown spots on the skin.
  • Can be used as a treatment for infectious diseases causing acute diarrhea such as dysentery.
  • Repairs and treats the colon and small intestine of these inflammations.

Bearberry is a plant used for the treatment of infections and inflammations of several organs including those of the urinary system. It is therefore very beneficial to health. However, its consumption must be limited by well quantified dosages in order to avoid any undesirable effects.

Bearberry with its beneficial effects for health is not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers or children under 12 years.

Nutritional table of Bearberry (bearberry)

Recommended intake: 3 capsules
Units per package: 33
3 capsules (single dose) contain US RDA/EU RDA*.
Bearberry Grape (Uvae-ursi folium) 1500 mg

*RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance according to 21 CFR 101
(U.S.) or EU Directive 2008/100/EC (EU), implemented for the
Germany in the Nutrition Labelling Ordinance.

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