The Classic Zapper

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The Classic Zapper

Manufactured by real qualified electronic engineers on an ISO-9002 SMD assembly line for testing and quality control. Absolutely guaranteed to produce the exact zapper specified by Dr. Clark.

Lifetime warranty

Ships within 24 hours all over the world.


The Classic Zapper is of the highest quality with a format to fit any situation. This Zapper has more feedback than any other zapper!

Manufactured by true electronic engineers on an ISO-9002 SMD assembly line for military grade testing and quality control. Absolutely guaranteed to produce the EXACT performance specified by Dr. Clark. No guesses as to whether it was done right!

This small, ergonomic, custom molded case is made possible by its microcircuitry. Built with the utmost care and a lot of engineering time, no detail has been overlooked. This is a superb execution of Dr. Clark’s Zapper, mass-produced by real engineers so that anyone who wants to experiment with a Zapper can do so with great confidence.

It’s a green, lead-free, environmentally friendly product !

Features :

  • Positive offset of 30 KHz (according to the latest specifications, 0.25v) square wave with 50% duty cycle.
  • Reverse voltage protection
  • Flexible and wired cords with alligator clips that are easy to attach and grip for connection to hoses.
  • Includes copper pipes from 6″ with a glossy finish and finely bevelled edges (NO sharp edges here!!)
  • Easy access battery compartment (no tools required to replace batteries)
  • High quality poly-carbonate personalized label

Lifetime Warranty
Much better construction than competing units
More accurate output due to more precise components
Same day shipping from materials in STOCK
All this at a lower price

Please note that the device does not come with a battery. The unit operates with a standard 9-volt battery.

Classic Zapper











  • User-friendly
  • Effective
  • Robust


  • Frequency

4 reviews for The Classic Zapper

  1. Dennis

    I really used it a lot (10 days in a row) to kill the parasites in me. 7 minutes on, 20 minutes off. 3 times a day. What a great relief! I felt good again.

    • zapper-clark

      Hi, thanks for your feedback, and glad that one of our Dr Clark’s zappers was able to make you feel better!

  2. Marcus

    Great little tool. It does exactly what it was designed to do. Great if you travel as much as I do.


  3. maquin

    I did receive the clarck zapper. I deleted all my mail! inadvertently. I don’t have the method to use it.
    How can I get it back?

    • zapper-clark


      I am sending you an email with the instructions for use.

  4. Juan Antonio Rivera Vila

    Excellent product and size. Most importantly, it was tested with my oscilloscope and all specifications were met, as recommended by Dr. Hulda Clark. I have tested several zappers and most of them give down to -235 mV, which is not recommended. Thank you very much.

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