Black Cherry Concentrate – Dr. Clark’s Kidney Cure


Quantity: 240 g

Composition: 100% sweet black cherry concentrate.

Use: Mix with other drinks, 2 tablespoons on 1 glass. Can also be added with carrot juice or any fruit drink. In tea as a sweetener and in other drinks instead of sugar.

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Traditional medicine based on 100% natural products is currently one of the best alternatives to enrich your diet and cover the body’s needs in vitamins and nutrients that are necessary to get rid of toxins that may affect your health and well-being.

Properties of black cherry concentrate

The black cherry concentrate is rich in anthocyanins. These are molecules with an antioxidant effect that help the body neutralize and get rid of uric acid and treat gallbladder abnormalities. It therefore plays a major role in cleansing and getting the kidneys and urinary system in good shape.

The benefits of black cherries

In addition to its ability to cleanse the kidneys, sweet black cherry concentrate has many other benefits for our body.

  • It is a very nutritive food supplement considering its richness in iron, vitamins and minerals.
  • Can be used as a natural remedy to promote a good sleep.
  • Black cherry concentrate is also known for its ability to relieve pain and provide the body with energy and well-being.

Black cherry concentrate is a natural dietary supplement made from the skin and pits of sweet cherries. It can be used as a substitute for industrial sugar to give more flavour to beverages such as tea or vegetable or fruit juices.

Black cherry concentrate is 100% natural, but because of its concentration, it is recommended for adults rather than children. In addition, the consumer should take it in moderate quantities and in the prescribed doses to avoid any undesirable effects such as possible diarrhea.

Nutritional table of black cherry concentrate

Recommended dosage: 2 tablespoons (30 ml)
Units per package: approx. 8
2 tablespoons contain US RDA/EU RDA*.
Calories 90, calories from fat 0, 4%/
Grease 0 g, 0%/
of which saturated fatty acids 0 g, 0%/
Transfats 0 g, 0
Cholesterol 0 mg, 0%/
Sodium 45 mg, 2%/
Potassium 275 mg, 8%/14%.
Carbohydrates 22 g, 7%/
of which sugar 20 g
Dietary fiber 0 g, 0%/
Protein 2 g, 4%/
Vitamin A 0 IU (0%/0%)
Vitamin C, 0 mg (0%/0%)
Calcium 30 mg (3%/4%)
Iron 0.7 mg (4%/5%)
Thiamine 60 mcg (4%/5%)
Riboflavin 50 mcg (3%/4%)
Niacin 0.6 mg (3%/4%)
Phosphorus 30 mg (3%/4%)
Magnesium 16 mg (4%/4%)
Copper 40 mcg (2%/4%)

*RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance according to 21 CFR 101
(United States) or the EU Directive 2008/100/EC (EU), implementation of the
for Germany in the Nutrition Labelling Ordinance.

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