Dr. Clark’s Heavy Metal Cleaning Cure


The 90-day cure contains :
Selenium (x2)
Cysteine (x2)
Thioctic acid (x1)
Vitamin C (x2)
Zinc (x1)
MSM (x3)
Vitamin B6 – Dr Clark (x1)
Vitamin E (x1)
Calcium Citrate (x1)
Methionine (x2)

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Heavy metals such as mercury, aluminum, lead and cadmium are gradually beginning to invade our bodies. They are present in significant quantities in our diet, especially in coffee capsules, fatty fish, shellfish and cooking utensils. These heavy metals can be involved in degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, or even digestive and liver disorders. However, there are natural solutions that help remove heavy metals. These are chelating agents, which, like a magnet, will attract these metals and the treatment will then remove them.

The treatment proposed by Dr. Clark is very simple to perform and can be done quietly at home. In addition, the doctor does not use chemical chelating agents in his program, and therefore they are not invasive and do not demineralize the body. However, we advise you to take this treatment only after the three internal organ cleansing cures have been completed. This is very important because your kidneys, liver and intestine must be efficient enough to allow the elimination of toxic elements.

The pack developed by Dr. Clark contains selenium, cysteine, thioctic acid (alpha-lipoic acid), vitamin C, B6 and natural vitamin E, zinc gluconate, MSM, methionine and calcium citrate. The benefits of all these elements are detailed below:


It is a trace element and a powerful antioxidant that is essential for good health. Indeed, selenium slows down the oxidation process. It has the property of stimulating the immune system by promoting the production of antibodies. In addition, it has an antioxidant effect that protects cell membranes from oxidation caused by free radicals. Also, the consumption of selenium as part of the cure against heavy metals will prevent the deleterious effects of the latter, protecting against aluminum and cadmium, and reducing the toxicity and oxidative damage of mercury.

Cysteine and methionine

These are amino acids that play a key role in the stability of proteins and enzymes in our body. Also, they are antioxidants that react like free radicals. They therefore help to fight against cell aging. This ageing can in particular be due to an intoxication with heavy metals. In Dr. Clark’s cure against heavy metals, cysteine and methionine have the role of binding, among others, mercury, copper and lead, thus making it possible to eliminate these heavy metals from the body: containing sulfur in their chemical structure, these amino acids will attract heavy metals which, in a natural way, consume this element which is dedicated to the metabolism of the cells of the body, thus transforming themselves into sulfides. Sulphides are soluble elements and it is therefore easier for the liver and queens to eliminate them.

Thioctic acid

Also known as “alpha-lipoic acid”, is a saturated fatty acid that contains sulfur. This substance has both the property of protecting the liver and has an anti-oxidant action for the tissues. Also, thioctic acid allows the recycling of glutathione, an element which has a chelating effect in contact with heavy metals, and which allows the formation of trace element complexes that promote their elimination in the body. Being a small molecule that has the particularity of being soluble in water and fat, it has access to practically all tissues of the human body, thus helping the destruction of any heavy metal in the body.

Vitamin C

Also known as “L-ascorbic acid”, is a vitamin that has the role of stimulating the liver’s enzyme system in large quantities, promoting the production of glutathione. This production will help the blood system detoxify and eliminate heavy metals and pesticides from the body. Also, vitamin C, when consumed in large quantities, will have a chelating effect on lead, helping its elimination.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a vitamin that belongs to the group of B vitamins. It contributes to the proper functioning of the nervous system and helps reduce fatigue. This vitamin promotes the excretion of aluminum from the body.

Natural vitamin E

Vitamin E is a vitamin that has a powerful antioxidant role in neutralizing free radicals and protecting cell membranes from oxidative stress. In addition, this vitamin has a protective action against toxic aluminum, and allows the decrease of lead concentration in cellular tissues, thus helping to reduce their toxicity in the body.

Zinc gluconate

Zinc is the zinc salt of gluconic acid. It allows the stimulation of the immune system and intervention in the reproductive and neurological functions. In this cure, the role of zinc is to reduce the toxicity of aluminum and thus to destroy these cells. Also, it has the ability to compete with lead at the binding points of different enzymes.


Methyl Sulfonyl Methane is a sulphurous and highly chelating compound, which participates in increasing the permeability of cell membranes, maintaining the connective tissue in good condition, but also in eliminating toxins from the body. Indeed, it has the ability to solubilize heavy metals and facilitate their elimination by the liver and kidneys by dissolving them. In addition, this substance has good effects against chronic fatigue.

Calcium citrate

It is a source of calcium that is better absorbed and assimilated by the body. In addition, calcium has the property of preventing the intake of lead in the digestive tract. However, when it is not present in sufficient quantities in the body, this element will, on the contrary, promote the intake of aluminum.

Recommended dosages for the elimination of heavy metals

It is recommended to take these capsules with a glass of water, every day for 90 days, before or after each meal, following the instructions in the table.

To increase and optimize the effectiveness of this cure, it is advisable to cleanse the liver during the program, for example, once at the end of the first month and again at the end of the cure.

Order Quantity of packages Quantity of capsules Products Daily dosage in quantity of capsules (morning-noon-evening)
1 1 100 Vitamin B6 1-0-0
2 1 100 Vitamin E 1-0-0
3 1 100 Thioctic acid 1-0-0
4 2 200 Vitamin C 1-1-0
5 3 300 MSM 1-1-1
6 2 100 Selenium 0-0-1
7 1 100 Zinc 0-1-0
8 2 200 Cysteine 0-1-1
9 2 100 Methionine 0-0-1
10 1 100 Calcium carbonate 0-0-1

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