Gold Stem Tincture – Dr. Clark’s Kidney Cure


Glass bottle with a capacity of 30 ml.

Composition: Goldenrod herbs, distilled water,
vegetable glycerine, 25% alcohol (organic).
Made in the United States.

The Council of use: Adults and children of more than 12 years: Take up to 30 drops twice a day or according to the recommendations. To agitate well before use.
To hold out of reach of the young children and not to exceed the recommended daily dose.

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Gold Stem Tincture is part of Dr. Clark’s kidney program, it has a diuretic and draining effect.

Plants are the raw materials used in the manufacture of the majority of the active ingredients found in the various medications. Each of these plants can play a role in the treatment of certain diseases. Goldenrod is considered an excellent product to fight infections and kidney disease.

The characteristic of goldenrod tincture

Gold Stem Tincture is extracted mainly from a plant called Goldenrod, which has been used for centuries in the treatment of various diseases such as colds, nausea, kidney and bladder infections; its consumption allows to apply an astringent action on the kidneys which helps them to eliminate toxins that are harmful to them.

Gold Stem Tincture can also have an antioxidant effect on the kidneys, helping people with chronic kidney infections to reduce the risk of worsening the disease or damage to the cardiovascular system that can lead to premature death.

Gold Stem Tincture is considered a diuretic with the ability to stimulate urine production, thus protecting the urinary system from various bacterial infections such as cystitis and urethritis.

Benefits of Goldenrod Tincture

In addition to its tendency to treat kidney infections and its ability to relieve pain and inflammation of the urinary system, goldenrod tincture also has several other beneficial properties for the body. It can be used to treat colds and sore throats. It purifies the blood and helps the body get rid of skin impurities.

The ingredients of Goldenrod are :

  • Essential oil
  • Tannins
  • Bitter substances
  • Saponines
  • Flavonoids

Goldenrod Nutritional Chart

Recommended dosage : 30 drops
30 drops contain RDA/EU RDA*.
*RDA = recommended daily dose according to 21
CFR 101 (United States) or European Directive 2008/100/EC (EU),
implemented for Germany in the framework of the initiative
Ordinance on Nutrition Labelling.

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