Selenium 200mg – Heavy Metal Cure by Dr. Hulda Clark


Bottle of 50 capsules of 200 mg.

Ingredients : Sodium selenite 200mg, rice flour, gelatin capsule.

Suggested use: Adults and children 12 years and older, 1 capsule per day or as directed.

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A good balanced diet rich in antioxidants over the long term is the best way to cleanse the body and detoxify it from heavy metals. But when contamination is intense, it becomes necessary to increase antioxidant intake with the intake of adequate dietary supplements such as selenium.

Detoxify the body with selenium

In addition to a diet rich in antioxidants that can neutralize the effect of heavy metals on the body, food supplements such as selenium also have an important effect on the elimination of these dreaded substances and on the protection of the various organs of our body.

It is in fact a trace element with the capacity to reduce the level of heavy metals in the blood, especially mercury. It is considered among the heavy metals as the most dangerous.

Precaution when taking selenium

Selenium is therefore a food supplement composed of active ingredients with the capacity to increase the evacuation of heavy metals in urine. To take full advantage of its benefits certain precautions are to be taken:

  • To follow the treatment gradually by taking quantities of selenium in order to avoid attacking the various organs such as the liver and the kidneys by an overdose of antioxidants.
  • Favour a diet that has the capacity to protect the organs against the oxidative stress that may be caused by the treatment.

Selenium is one of the best treatments that can be taken for the elimination of heavy metals from the body little by little. However, it is not recommended for children under 12 years of age.

Nutritional Benefits of Selenium

  • Protection of cells against oxidative stress
  • Normal and healthy functioning of the immune system
  • Maintenance of normal hair and nails
  • Normal spermatogenesis in men

Selenium and quality Dr Clark Zentrum

Dr. Clark Zentrum manufactures all supplements according to Dr. Hulda Clark’s strict protocols, with the utmost care, to provide you with quality supplements.

  • Free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, anti-caking agents and artificial thinners.
    Manufactured using only the active ingredients and one capsule. When fillers are indispensable for technical reasons, natural rice flour is used.
  • Manufactured in the USA according to certified Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) standards in their own dedicated facilities.
  • Subject to frequent synchrometry and laboratory tests for microbiology and heavy metals throughout the GMP process.
  • Manufactured from organic herbs or wild herbs, when available, with all raw materials from reputable suppliers, rigorously controlled according to quality standards.

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