Zapper maestro Mz3c by Dr. Hulda Clark


The best zapper on the market today, where you will be able to zap on several programmes for many hours of relaxation.

Equivalent zappers available : Classic Zapper and Deluxe Zapper

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The best and most complete zapper on the market, with the possibility of zapping for several hours and changing the intensity of your zapping (1.5mA, 3.0mA, 5.0mA, 7.0mA) to have more “muscular” sessions.

Available functions : Beeper, Constant current indicator, Battery indicator, simple and direct choice of six frequencies (15Hz, 7.83Hz, 1kHz, 2.5kHz, 10kHz, 30kHz).

Description of the maestro zapper

ABS case with snap-on battery cover.

Electrodes made of pure copper (99.5%), length (22 mm diameter, 11 cm).
long), for a comfortable grip.

2-layer printed circuit board, industrial quality, with solder mask.
Microcontroller drive. SMD, CMOS circuit.

Uses exclusively 9V battery (SHD, alkaline, rechargeable). Maximum input voltage: 11V. Protection against battery inversion.

Battery indication voltage at the beginning of a session.
4 to 2 beeps, battery OK. 1 beep, to be replaced quickly
Estimated autonomy of : 50+ sessions 7-20

Choice of sequences

7-20 sequences with 30kHz
7mn_30kHz, 20mn Pause, 7mn_30kHz, 20mn Pause, 7mn_30kHz

7-20 or 28-20, with 2.5kHz
28mn_2.5kHz, Pause, 28mn 2.5kHz, Break, 28mn 2.5kHz, Sleep

Deep Sleep Sequence this sequence starts at 10.5Hz and goes down to 1.0Hz in 1 hour. 10mn. The first part goes from 10.5Hz to 7.83Hz for relaxing stress relief. 2nd part goes from 4.0Hz to 1.0Hz, putting your brain in a relaxed mood, conducive to deep sleep.

Choice of current

The output current setting is made on the top right of the front panel.
Selection of 4 regulated current values: 1.5mA, 3mA, 5mA, 7mA.


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