Maestro zapper mz6


Maestro zapper mz6

If you compare it with any other zapper on the market, you won’t find anithing equivalent, whatever the price

Equivalent zappers available : Classic Zapper and Deluxe Zapper

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This version of zapper integrates several frequencies in a single device! All frequencies have an extended duty cycle, for maximum production of harmonic frequencies.

The different programs of the zapper :

SA1 : Dr Clark’s recommended frequency, seven minutes at 30kHz, followed by a 20-minute break, repeated three times. Automatic stop at the end of the session.

SA2 : A zapper using a sweep using 64 different frequencies, between 2426Hz and 2426Hz.
The Maestro-Zapper designed an automatic session copied from the original 30KHz sequence. 4 times more zapping (28min instead of 7min), and for only twice as much time (2h) Ideal when 7-20 is not enough.

SA3 : Based on our past experience, we are happy to add “for free”, on this version, a very special sequence, using the whispering of Very Low Frequencies (VLF) to the brain, to help you fall asleep more easily.

Cxx : continuous zapping for 3 hours, allowing a simple and fast zapping, and a wide range of experiences, with 6 frequencies easily selectable and/or modifiable, on the fly, at your fingertips. These frequencies include :

  • CA1: The classic 30 kHz, Dr. Clark’s favourite frequency.
  • CA2: Frequencies between 8kHz and 16kHz (one octave), leaving 255 different frequencies. We don’t target one particular parasite: We want them all!
  • CA3: The classic 2.5kHz, leaving 64 different frequencies. The 2.5kHz at its best!
  • Automatic shutdown at the end of the session (1h). The Maestro-Zapper has designed an automatic session copied from the original 30KHz sequence. 4 times more zapping (28min instead of 7min), for only twice as much time Ideal when the 7-20 zapping session is not enough.

Available functions :

  • Beeper
  • Constant output current indicator (output well connected)
  • Battery voltage indicator, at the beginning of the session
  • Simple and direct selection of six frequencies
  • Choice of three sequences (7-20 min; 28-20 min; Non stop 3h)
  • SELECTION OF 4 OUTPUT CURRENTS: 1.5 mA == 3.0 mA == 5.0 mA == 7.0 mA

This zapper can be used for :

  • general and continuous zapping (3 hours maxi
  • Frequency effect zapping (2.5kHz, 1kHz, 15Hz, 7.83 Hz)
  • Zapping on plate (8.9V minimum and 30kHz)
  • Homeography (9V minimum and 30kHz)
  • Zapper (1.0kHz)

Important : External accessories for plate zapping, homeography or zapper are not provided.


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