Pocket zapper (30Khz and 5Khz)



An already excellent product, even better! The all-new Pocket Zapper not only produces Dr. Hulda Clark’s standard 30KHz square wave, but also the popular 5KHz frequency at the same unit.

This new unit builds on the success we’ve had with the standard pocket zapper that attaches directly to a 9V battery, which is very convenient. No fragile battery wires, or looking for a screwdriver to open complicated plastic cases. Just plug the Zapper into a 9V battery and go!

Over the past year we have received many inquiries asking if we could produce a second zapper unit that produces the popular 5KHz frequency. Rather than build a separate unit, we decided to redesign the original circuitry to include both the original 30KHz Hulda Clark and the 5KHz in the same easy to use unit. This saves you from having to buy two separate Zappers.

This new Zapper comes with the same convenient ON/OFF switch, but we’ve added a third switch. One direction emits the original Hulda Clark 30KHz frequency, the other emits the 5KHz frequency. The center position is OFF. Just like our original unit, there is no twisting or tearing of the battery cable to turn it off.


Simply snap the device onto the top of a 9V battery, connect the flexible wires to the copper handles (included), select the frequency you wish to use and start zapping. An indicator light tells you that the Zapper is on. When you are finished, simply turn the switch to the center OFF position. You can leave the Zapper connected to the battery indefinitely because it does not receive power when it is turned off.


Your unit is equipped with SCP short-circuit protection and RPP reverse polarity protection, which prevents inadvertent damage to the unit if you touch the tubes together or try to connect the battery in the opposite direction.


This dual-frequency battery mounted zapper meets Dr. Hulda Clark’s specifications: 30KHz square wave, positive DC offset, and 50% duty cycle, but also includes a 5KHz square wave, positive DC offset, with 50% duty cycle as well.

The product contains

– A Hulda Clark dual frequency battery powered zapper, consisting of high quality SMD parts mounted on a FR-4 PCB, with a three position 30KHz / OFF / 5KHz switch, LED indicator, RPP reverse polarity protection, SCP output short circuit protection included.

– 2 x 18″ flexible wires and alligator clips attached, wire colors will vary from those shown (black, white, green, red, yellow).

– 2 copper handles (1.25cm diameter x 9cm length).

The 9V battery is not included with this purchase.

The zappers of Dr clark


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