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Why are the zappers at 30 kHz ?

It’s the best frequency. Dr. Clark said that any current between 30 and 33 kHz was what she wanted.

Does the zapper kill parasites ? What pests does the zapper kill ?

We do not provide disease information on the zapper. In accordance with regulations, we cannot make medical claims about our zappers. Parasites can lead to disease and therefore we cannot answer these questions. Only by selling medical devices and drugs approved by the authorities can such claims be made.

How many times do I have to zap ? How long do I have to zap ?

Start with a single 7-minute session. There is no maximum usage time. It simply depends on your tolerance. If you zap for a long time, make sure your bracelets are wet. The zapper can be used daily for as long as you like, there is no limit to the amount or duration of the zapper you can use. Start with a single 7-minute session. Four hours later or the day after, zap for a longer period of time. If you feel you’ve zapped enough, reduce zapping to once a week. For example, if you zap for more than 20 minutes and use the wristbands, check to see if they are wet. If they are dry, you may get a red rash and start to itch.

How many times a day can I use the zapper ?

You can use it as often as you like according to your tolerance.

Do I have to zap for the rest of my life ?

That would be up to you. A lot of people skip every week.

Can I zap my kid ?

We have not received any complaints from our clients regarding complications related to the zapping of their children. The zapping of minors should only be done under adult supervision.

Can I zap if I’m pregnant ? Can I zap my baby ?

No, we don’t recommend it. Remember that this is a lifestyle device, not a medical device.

Can I carry my zapper on a plane ?

Yes, but put the copper tubes in your checked baggage. You can zap on the plane with the bracelets.

Can I zap if I have a pacemaker ?

No, and don’t touch it either. Your doctor may have explained to you that having a pacemaker carries certain risks and that to reduce these risks, you may not want to subject your body to any electrical frequencies, no matter how small.

Can I zap if I have titanium implants ?

The zapper should never be used on people with electronic implants such as pacemakers. Although the device may be used by those with non-electronic implants, do not place the electrodes so that current will flow through the implant. Be sure to keep the device at 33 kHz, not 1 kHz. Some people are concerned that if the implant is not made of titanium, ions may escape into the body.

Is zapping animals possible ?

Yes! Start with a short period, for example 3 minutes, then move on to longer periods. Give them water afterwards.

What can I expect when I use the zapper ?

Some people get sleepy. Therefore, do not use the unit while driving a vehicle. Others are thirsty for water. Drink plenty of water during sessions.

I’ve got skin rashes on my wrists. What can I do about it ?

Use gel electrodes or portable metal electrodes to avoid skin irritation. You can also use the wrist straps on your ankles as a second location to minimize skin irritation.

Where on my body can I use the zapper ?

No matter where the gel electrodes are placed, you can use the zapper just about anywhere on your body. However, we do not recommend using it on the face (for aesthetic reasons and because in rare cases it can cause a seizure if a person is already prone to seizures), and we do not recommend using the electrodes or bracelets on wounds or open skin, nor on the genitals, rectum or the front of your neck.

Is one style of electrode better than another ?

The electrode style is not important for efficiency. Metal tubing offers the best conductivity. Wristbands are the most practical. Adhesive electrodes can be placed with the highest precision.

My wrists have become sensitive. Can I change the location of the electrodes ?

You can change the location of the electrode at any time. If you experience more than minor skin irritation that subsides in less than a day, try using gel electrodes or portable copper tubing. The skin on your palms is of a different nature and we have never seen it react to the small current used during zapping. Elderly, dehydrated and sick people generally have more problems with skin irritations.

Can I place the gel electrodes on my back or neck for example ?

Yes, you can stick the gel electrodes directly on your back to allow the zapping current to flow through the affected area, which is very effective.

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