Dr. Clark’s Zappicator


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Much better manufacturing than competing units
  • Quality production thanks to more precise components

The Zappicator after Hulda Clark

Highest quality, strongest Zappicator – Get the best for an affordable price.

How the Zappicator is made

Manufactured by real graduate electronics engineers on an ISO-9002 SMD assembly line for military-grade testing and quality control. It is guaranteed to produce the EXACT result specified by Dr Clark.

Microcircuits make this small custom and ergonomic zapper possible. Built with great care and a lot of engineering time, no detail has been overlooked. This is an excellent execution of Dr. Clark’s zapper, mass-produced by real engineers at a very low price, so that anyone can experience it with great confidence.

Features of the zappicator

  • Positive offset square wave of 1 kHz with a perfect duty cycle of 50%.
  • Precision assembly on rugged printed circuit boards, as well as essential military and medical equipment
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Global design, requires nothing more than a battery
  • Smallest and tightest tolerance components
  • Constructed with 11 high-resistance magnets with the correct North Pole configuration (North Poles are facing away from the rubber feet)
    Easily accessible battery compartment (no tools required to replace the battery)

It is an environmentally friendly product, lead-free and manufactured with a concern for the preservation of our environment!

The device works with a standard 9-volt battery. Please note that the device is delivered without battery.

The zappers of Dr clark


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