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The zappicator is another invention of Dr. Hulda Clark, according to her the zappicator eliminates the majority of parasites and toxins present in food.

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Dr. Clark invented the Food Zappicator to eliminate small pathogens such as parasitic eggs, bacteria, traces of solvents and metals from food. In other words, with the Zappicator, you sterilize your food. Not only is the food sterilized, but you also give food and water a northern polarization. More details about this are presented below.

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A Food Zappicator is a breadboard containing an electromagnet attached to a Zapper. In this way, the electromagnet releases its own magnetic field that pushes a diaphragm back and forth to create a physical effect at the same frequency.

The advantages of using the Zappicator :

  • The d-amino acids are transformed into l-amino acids.
  • The body uses L forms of amino acids.
  • Food is less allergenic before it is consumed.
  • Food is made “fresher”.
  • The polarization of the food is changed towards the north.
  • It destroys: eggs and parasite stages, bacteria and viruses, prions in dairy products and meats, phloridzin, the pituitary destructive chemical, chlorogenic acid, apiol, phenol, D-phenylalanine, D-mannitol, gallic acid and yeast spores.
  • Benzene is oxidized to phenol, at least in trace amounts.
  • The PCBs disappear.
  • Phenolic food antigens disappear.
  • Food seems to taste better.


Zap the food for 10 minutes. Eggs and dairy products 15 minutes or more.

Magnetic polarization of food

Fruits and vegetables, leaves and flowers, even nuts and grains are polarized to the north when freshly picked or purchased. Indoors, where the seeds are located, the polarization is towards the south.

When the soft parts begin to age and wilt and deteriorate within a week of being stored in the refrigerator, the polarization northward shifts to the south! This happens gradually. For example, a large bunch of grapes will have one part of them completely facing south (the wrinkled part) within a few days, while others are still completely north (the freshest). The seed does not change its polarization.

Conclusion: We were supposed to eat food polarized to the north, with just a little food to the south in the form of seeds. However, most of the food we ate, even refrigerated food, turned at least partly south. We have an overdose of south-polarized food, as well as water.

What you need to know

Check the polarity of your Zappicator with a compass once a week. Some magnets can change their polarity when heated, dropped or wet.

The zappers of Dr clark


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