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The ozonizer is a device that adds a small amount of ozone to eliminate odors, destroy viruses, bacteria and mold, and purify drinking water. It works in a natural way, without any chemical products.

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The ozonizer is a device with an aerator at the end of its pipe, which is inserted into water, oil or food. It adds a small amount of ozone and produces a sanitizing and oxidizing effect. Ozone is produced by adding a third oxygen atom to a molecule, i.e. O3 instead of the usual O2.

Functions of Ozone

  • Kills bacteria and viruses in food and beverages with surprising speed.
  • Has a strong penetrating and disinfecting effect.
  • Has oxidizing properties
  • Removes tapeworm larvae, sheltered roundworm eggs, Freon and PCBs.
  • By ozonating food and beverages, they transform into oxygen and water, leaving no toxicity behind.
  • Is used in Hulda Clark’s protocols

Food and Beverages

Use: Place food in a plastic bag. Insert the ozonator hose and close the plastic bag. The food package should be opened to allow the ozone to enter. After turning off the ozonator, reseal the packages and containers. Ozonation alone will continue for about 10 minutes longer, even when refrigerated. Excess ozone flavor can be blown out when food is reheated later.

Estrogens in dairy products (estrone, estriol and estradiol) and foods containing phenolic substances can be destroyed within 15 minutes. General food sterilization takes 7 minutes. Removal of dyes, including chlorine, takes 10 to 20 minutes.


Use: Ozonate water for 5 minutes, 1 glass a day and drink it within 20 seconds.

Ozonized water has an oxidizing effect and can eliminate many invaders, including streptococcus bacteria for pain. To eliminate Freon, drink one to three glasses a day. It mobilizes the freon in your body to the liver and makes it capable of detoxification.


Use: Ozonate olive oil for 30 minutes. It will keep for 5 days in the refrigerator or freezer.

¼ cup twice a week helps with other methods for PCB removal.

1 tablespoon taken morning and evening for two weeks removes tapeworm larvae and sheltered roundworm eggs.

Ozonated olive oil binds toxins in your body to allow expulsion. Take vitamin E once a day to counteract temporary excessive oxidation.

It can destroy viruses that are already inside the cell chromosomes, latent viruses such as herpes.

Learn more about the Ozone Generator

Ozone, being a very unstable gas, is quickly converted to its original form which is oxygen (O2) and a third oxygen atom released reacts with the substance on which ozone works. Ozone is therefore an excellent disinfectant, one of the most powerful disinfectants known to man.

It can oxidize bacteria, viruses, dust mites and many other chemical compounds. Finally, the elimination of ozone odors is also very popular.

The effect of ozone consists in principle of rapid oxidation. By encountering various pollutants floating in the air, ozone accompanies them in the chemical reaction that causes their oxidation. The third oxygen atom in its molecule makes ozone highly reactive (chemically active) – easily reacts with the particle of pollutants such as odors, bacteria, viruses and molds. It breaks them down into less complex, and generally less harmful molecules. The remaining ozone decomposes itself into oxygen, making it very environmentally friendly. Cleaning parts with ozone is much more effective than using traditional chemical agents.

It is interesting to note that ozone is naturally present in the environment, appearing as a result of lightning strikes during thunderstorms. In fact, the “fresh, clean, springtime” smell we notice after a thunderstorm is often linked to the action of ozone. However, most people hear about ozone in the context of the “ozone layer” that surrounds our planet above the Earth’s atmosphere and protects us from harmful ultraviolet rays. Here, ozone is created by the sun’s UV rays.


* Do not take ozonated supplements, medications or herbs.
* It does not remove metals.
* Do not take ozonated oil as freely as a supplement. Ozonation may become excessive.

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